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How to Get a FREE Professional Business Email Address for Your Business

Registering a professional business email with Google Gsuite or Microsoft Office will cost you not less than $6 a month per user. Isn't that expensive?

You don't want any overhead costs for your new business, right? So how to get a FREE business email? I'll show you a way, keep reading this guide.

Registering a Business email for your business is one of the top priorities if you want to communicate with clients or customers.

Having a business email proves that your business is legit and makes your company look much more professional in the eyes of your clients or customers; this enhances your company's identity and credibility.

Imagine you are starting a new business and paying recurring costs for a business email every month will lead to nothing more than negative cash flow for your business.

What is Business Email?

A business email is an email that is created from your domain name; suppose if you have a website with a domain www.yourdomain.com then your business email will be [email protected].

Creating business email addresses will enhance your company's trust and credibility towards your clients and creates identity in a crowded market.

Who Provides Business Email for FREE?

While there are a couple of providers in the market, I highly recommend going with ZOHO.

ZOHO is a unicorn company and a well-established brand in the business email space. They are giving away 5 business email addresses for FREE forever. And upgrading to their paid plan will cost us just $1 a month per email, now, isn't that dirt cheap.

ZOHO also has a good user-friendly dashboard and I love their support as well. I suggest just starting with ZOHO and once you start making profits you can switch to any provider you want; all your emails can be easily migrated to the new email provider.

What are the benefits of having a business email address?

I keep saying it looks more professional, but apart from that point here are some more reasons below to have a professional business email for your business.

Builds Trust

Yes, having a business email will help you gain the trust of your clients or customers. Having a business email proves that you are serious about your business and that they can do business with your company.

Builds Relationship

Trust is just the beginning of the relationship; in the long term, having a business email helps you to build a very strong and healthy relationship with clients or customers.

Builds Credibility

Credibility is the quality of trust that your clients or customers tend to build with you. Commonly you will lose credibility if you are using regular emails like gmail.com, or hotmail.com, etc. This makes your business spammy and untrustworthy.

What to look for when choosing a good Business Email Provider

  1. Make sure the company offers at least 5GB of space per user.

  2. The company should have strong customer support in case of any help.

  3. A provider should offer effective email migration features in case you want to switch between providers.

  4. Security should be considered while choosing an email provider. The company should have a robust security system in place to avoid hacks.

  5.  They should have a good email filter in place to filter out spam emails.

  6. Make sure your provider has an intuitive and user-friendly control panel.

  7. The platform should be easy to use and set up initially.

  8. Also, consider the company is offering very competitive rates when considering all the above features.

A step-by-step guide to creating a Zoho Mail business email address

Before I begin my tutorial, I assume you have a domain name ready. If you haven't purchased your domain yet, please follow my article here; you can skip the website creation part and do it later.

Source: Zoho

In this tutorial, we will consider your domain host as GoDaddy as it is widely used.

Step #1:

  • Sign up for a Free Zoho account from here - mail.zoho.com.

  • Fill up the basic account details and verify your account.

Step #2:

  • After verification Add your purchased domain name.

  • The next step is to verify your domain name; Zoho will provide a code that has to be inserted in your domain DNS.

  • Go to your domain provider, click on your domain, and find the option to set up DNS.

  • Click on Add New, choose type as TXT.

  • Copy the details provided by Zoho.

  • Now, go to the Zoho verification process and click Verify, if you have added the correct details then you should see the success message on your screen.

Step #3:

  • After that you are successful. Add your first business email on Zoho to proceed. Password is the same, has registered password.

  • You can create more users on the next screen, you can add up to 5 users, for Free.

  • Then you can either proceed to create Groups which is completely optional; groups allow to segregate the users into different groups.

  • I recommend skipping this step and proceeding to DNS mapping.

Step #4:

  • The first step in DNS setup is to update MX records on your domain provider.

  • Zoho requires 3 MX records to be added to your Domain provider.

  • You need to copy the priority and address separately and paste it on your domain provider.

  • Now copy the first record and go to your domain provider's DNS page.

  • Click Add, this time you select MX from the list, now copy the priority in the priority box and copy address in the Points To box, the host can be given '@' and TTL can be given '1/2 hour'.

  • Repeat the same step for another 2 records.

  • Once you have copied all the records go to Zoho and click Verify Button below.

  • In some cases, verification may take more than 10Mins.

  • Congratulations!! Your business email is ready.

  • To access your business email, go to - mail.zoho.com.

Addition Important Steps:

Even though important steps are completed, there are 2-3 additional steps to be followed to make your email more legit on the internet that doesn't land up in user's spam folders.


By the end of this article, you have successfully learned to set up a free business email using Zoho; go ahead and practice this skill with your domain name.

Another way is to utilize this skill to help other businesses create free business emails in exchange for some bucks. There are plenty of new businesses out there who are looking to avoid head costs, may you can help them and earn money.