A Quick Guide to Email Automation for Beginners

Ever wondered how you can grow your audience online with an email automation tool? Luckily, you're at the right place here because I'll teach you how to set up email automation for FREE!

Every business owner who is running their business online should build an email list. It is highly recommended that you do so.

It's a fact that your email list is one of the most effective to communicate with your audience because it connects you on a personal level with them.

A Quick Guide to Email Automation for Beginners

What is Email List Building?

List building involves the process of collecting email addresses from visitors or users of a website. We do this to grow our subscriber database and to help future business communications with your audiences.

Why do we collect Emails?

You've got to do this to grow & scale your business. To sell any products or scale your business to the next level, you need to be able to connect with your audience via email.

A Quick Guide to Email Automation for Beginners

More than half of consumers check their email more than 10 times a day, so your brand will get plenty of exposure by appearing in consumer's inboxes.

How do I collect Emails?

Several tools can be used to collect emails from your website. Your website can use pop-ups or widgets to collect their emails in exchange for a free daily or weekly newsletter.

In some cases, they even give away free courses, webinars, ebooks, and digital products in exchange for their email addresses. It's not as difficult as it sounds, and nowadays we have lots of free/paid tools available to make it easy for people to sign up for email lists.

A Quick Guide to Email Automation for Beginners

What is Email Automation?

Automated emails are marketing techniques that allow businesses to schedule and trigger emails based on dates, subscribers' characteristics, or their behavior.

It is sending the right email, at the right time, to the right person.

Like human interaction, you can also customize your email in a highly personalized way so that your subscribers will always feel as if the email has been tailored personally for them.

Email automation can be achieved by implementing a tool that handles everything, there are lots of tools available most of them are paid. But today I'll help you to find a free tool that can help you setup up your first Email automation for Free!.

A Quick Guide to Email Automation for Beginners

For example, you can send a series of emails after your user enters his email address to download the ebook. Once a user signs up, you can send an automated welcome email greeting your subscriber.  

The next day, your system can send another email asking if the user enjoyed reading the book, and then the next day, you can sell the product related to that ebook.

Why is Email Automation necessary?

You can customize every email that you send so that each email looks very professional and personally written to that person.

Everyone wants to be spoken to as if they matter, and how can this be accomplished? Using their names. With email automation software, customers are treated as though they're the only ones who matter - which is true, of course!

A Quick Guide to Email Automation for Beginners

Companies lists might run into the thousands, but thankfully there's software that can automatically personalize email messages for you.

Your email marketing automation software will automatically populate personalized fields with names and contact information - just ensure your CMS is filled out correctly.

Personalized subject lines increase email open rates by 26%, and email personalization increases revenue and transaction rates by 6%.

Best Features of Email Automation Tools

  1. Personalization: Even though there are thousands of recipients, personalize every email with their names in the body and subject line.

  2. Email Sequence: After the user signs up for email, a series of emails can be scheduled every other day.

  3. Segmentation: Send different emails to different audiences based on what they sign up for. You can add different signup boxes to different topics so that different emails are sent based on the visitor's interest.

  4. User Action: We plan and send different emails based on user interaction, such as whether they have opened an email, clicked a link, etc.

What are some of the most popular Email Automation tools?

  1. GetResponse

  2. ConvertKit

  3. ActiveCampaign

  4. Infusionsoft

  5. Drip

  6. Marketo

  7. Convertloop

How do I get Email Automation for Free?

A Quick Guide to Email Automation for Beginners

While there are many email automation tools, most of them come in the form of paid tools, and free tools lack a lot of key features.

I recently discovered an entirely free tool that offers this entire service with complete features. The only catch is that their branding appears at the bottom of the page, in addition to email limitations.

Additionally, this branding can be removed at a small one-time cost.

Go ahead and try Sendfox.

How to setup SendFox in just 15 minutes

Here is your complete tutorial to setup SendFox.