The 7 Secrets About Millionaires Only A Handful Of People Know

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Did you know there are only 1% of the total population who are Millionaires in this entire world?

Yes, that's correct; only a handful of the people in this entire world know how to be rich.

Today I'll teach you 7 proven secrets that you need to follow if you want to be Millionaire before you die.

But we should all remember that being rich is just a part of the game while staying rich is more important.

These 7 steps have been followed by several millionaires and have been continuously proven to be successful.

So let us grab a cup of coffee and read all 7 steps very carefully:

The 7 Secrets About Millionaires Only A Handful Of People Know

Financial education

  • Financial education is our ability to manage money more effectively.

  • Millionaires know how to play this game very well.

  • They keep track of their income & expenses every month.

  • They tend to better plan their budget for an entire year and not just for a month.

  • They put efforts to increase their income and reduce their expenses.

Invest Not Just Save

  • Millionaires put their money to work rather than just saving the money in the bank.

  • Investing money makes you more money in the long term; this is called the power of compounding.

  • Buy non-depreciable assets like Land, House, Gold, Bonds, Stocks, Etc.

  • Invest in real estate so that you can rent it out.

  • Invest in stocks or dividend stocks.

  • Invest in Cryptos or Forex trading.

  • The idea is to increase your income so you are on the fast track to becoming a Millionaire.

Never spend more money than you make

  • This is another universal law of Millionaires; They spend less and earn more.

  • Poor & Middle-class people never understand this concept of spending less. They always tend to spend more than what they make.

  • Millionaires, before they become Millionaire, never show off their wealth to others; For the first few years, they continue to spend less on themselves and look poor to everyone.

  • They save a lot of money to invest in money-making assets to grow their income quickly.

  • It's better to look poor than pretend to be rich for others.

Don't buy Depreciable Assets

  • Depreciable assets are the assets of which their initial value tends to reduce over the years.

  • The best example of depreciable assets is expensive cars; people buy cars in loans just to show others that they are successful but end up being broke.

  • Instead of paying a down payment for an expensive car, buy a second-hand car.

  • The same goes for buying expensive phones and pieces of furniture etc.

  • Idea is to invest in depreciable assets when you can spend from your savings.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

  • Good debt usually has lower interest rates and can help you to make more money.

  • Mortgages for rent, student loans, business loans, etc, are some examples of good debt.

  • Bad debt usually has higher interest rates and prevents you from smart use of money. These debts do not help you to make money.

  • Credit card debts, car loans, personal loans, etc, are some examples of bad debts.

  • Your money should be invested where it pays a return.

Long Term Vision & Goal

  • While the Poor & Middle class have short-term goals let's say it's limited to the end of the month; Millionaires set long-term goals for at least 5-10 years.

  • They know exactly how and where they will be in the next 5-10 years.

  • Take time, to prepare mindset of Millionaires by setting up a Goal in your life.

  • They invest time in planning for long-term goals and work towards achieving that goal.

  • They start building businesses around their dreams based on their passion, mindset, and focus.

  • They project their income and expenses for the entire year well in advance.

  • As per the stats, 92% of millionaires who have a long-term plan for their wealth out of which 97% achieve their goals.

Time Management

  • Millionaires always tend to plan their daily work routines.

  • They allocate a good time balance between work, health & family.

  • Stay disciplined towards your top goals of the day.

  • Understand the difference between important & urgent work.

  • Don't spend time on urgent work, which is not important.

  • Embrace the attitude of saying 'NO' to all unimportant work.

  • Always keep a good time for your family, kids & your health, without which everything is useless.

Bonus: Morning Routine

  • As a bonus, I would like to add morning routines which are also very important to be a millionaire.

  • You must set a daily morning and stick to it every day. This improves your mood for the entire day.

  • Get up early in the morning and sleep early at night.

  • Learn to meditate; the medication can help to detox all negative thoughts.

  • Take time to read your affirmations and be grateful for all things that you have in life.

  • Start with good exercise and jog for at least 45 min; this can reduce your stress levels and help you stay focused.

  • Take a cold shower instead of a hot bath.

  • Consume a healthy breakfast.


Well, to conclude, let me make one last point that even though we start embracing all of these steps, one must have the mindest that to achieve their goals without goals, it becomes hard to stay focused on achieving the first million dollars.

Wish you good luck :)